Active School Week

Active School Week:

This has been an annual part of St. Kevin’s G.N.S. school calendar for the last number of years. We encourage lots of activity and movement both indoors and outdoors and it is a week that is enjoyed by all.

Active Week 2019:

The PDF below outlines some of the activities that took place during our Active School Week in May 2019.

Active Home Week 2020:

We promoted the Active Home Week activities and challenges for all classes for the week of 27th April to 3rd May 2020. As a school we did the following:

  • Reached out to parents/guardians to support the work.
  • Supported parents by providing them with ideas to encourage children to build physical activity into their day.
  • Encouraged the children to take up a new physical activity and see if they enjoyed it.
  • Raised awareness that children need at least 60 minutes of physical activity every day.
  • Encouraged parents to send in photos of the children being active at home.

Below are some photos from our Active Home Week:

St. Kevin’s Virtual Sports Day- June 2020:

Please have a read of our document below. This covered the week of 22nd – 26th June 2020.

Active School Month – June 2021:

This year, St. Kevin’s plans to run an Active School Month in June. We are reaching out to our partners to help deliver a range of interesting and fun activities for all classes. Active homework will be assigned throughout the month and we plan to make use of the local amenities such as Tymon Park, Kilnamanagh GAA pitches and nearby adventure playgrounds. We hope to have a Sponsored Walk which has become an annual event in St. Kevin’s. Each year has a specific theme and the children dress up for an exciting, colourful and energetic walk around Kilnamanagh. In the past we have worked with Food Dudes to highlight the importance of combining healthy eating and an active lifestyle.

Active School Week 24th- 28th April 2023

St. Kevin’s celebrated Active School Week from 24th- 28th April this year. The girls enjoyed a wide range of activities throughout the week including H.I.T. classes, archery, hip-hop, obstacle courses, karate and GAA. Our Active Walkway was used every day by each class and we had ‘Wake Up, Shake Up’ dances throughout each day with songs chosen by our Active School Committee members. The classes from First to Sixth class participated in a ‘Table Tennis Tournament’ on the final day of Active School Week which proved to be a very enjoyable activity for our pupils. We created ‘zones’ in our yard which enabled our pupils to play with different sports equipment and to enjoy football and volleyball on the pitches. Please check out the link attached to see all the fun we had for Active School Week 2023: