Physical Education

All classes take part in five out of the six PE strands every year. These strands are Athletics, Games, Dance, Gymnastics and Outdoor and Adventure Activities. We also ensure that Land PAWS is completed at each class level. Teachers make use of our spacious school hall as well as our yards and green spaces to carry out PE lessons. Each class partakes in one hour of PE each week. Teachers make use of the PSSI for lesson plans when planning and teaching PE while also making use of the Move Well, Move Often resources.

In our PE lessons, we have adopted the idea inspired by FMS and PDST of ‘Whole, Part, Whole’ lessons. This allows the children to play a game then pause the game to discuss the element we are focusing on, e.g. running, jumping, throwing. When the children have practised that element, we can restart the game using our new focus.


The photos below show some of our classes completing their PAWS training. They discussed how to safe stay in and near swimming pools and even designed poolside posters.

PE Equipment:

We have a wide variety of sports and PE equipment in our PE storage room. The equipment is managed by staff and pupils from our ASF committee. This year, as a result of Covid restrictions and guidelines, staff have made use of space on the corridors to allow easy access to PE equipment as they need it. Photos below show you some of the items that are used on a regular basis.

At the end of the school year, all PE equipment will be returned to our storage room and an inventory will be carried out.

CPD in PE:

Apart from the Active Schools webinars and workshops, staff frequently partake in CPD in the area of PE. Ms. Kenny started the year off with the IPPEA course on Guidance on Physical Education during Covid 19, which was very useful in helping us meet the challenges posed by current guidelines and restrictions. Most recently, Ms. Norton did a course with the IPPEA called Teaching Athletics Outdoors. The information she gathered was distributed among staff and implemented in PE lessons. In the past teachers have attended courses on the Fundamental Skills Programme: Move Well, Move Often. The Badminton Ireland Schools Programme was attended by two staff members in recent years.

PE in Action:

Have a look at our videos below for some photos of classes enjoying PE.

4th Class PE:

PE Throwing Skills:

Below are photos of 6th class playing a game of rounders while practising the skills of running, throwing and catching. Their warm-up activity was a throwing realy.

1st class practising their jumping skills: