Amber Flag Application

Wednesday 21st June 2023 was a very proud day for all at St. Kevin’s G.N.S as we raised our Amber Flag which was awarded to us by Pieta House. Well done to everyone involved in achieving this for our school, especially our Amber Flag committee members . A special thank you also to all families in our community for your support with our sponsored walk. A great day was had by all!

This year our school is working towards achieving the Amber Flag through Pieta House. To find out more information about the Amber Flag initiative and its process, have a look here:

While we began putting some ideas and activities in place last year, we officially made our application this year and have started the process with excitement and enthusiasm. We began with an audit of what has already been done in the school to promote positive mental health and we came up with quite a list. Here are some examples:

  • Wellbeing Week – June 2022
  • Mindfulness colouring
  • Meditation
  • Gratitude Tree
  • School Murals
  • Golden Girls
  • Birthday Announcements

We plan to continue with a lot of these activities and add to the list also throughout the year.

A committee has now been set up with representatives from each of the classes. The girls will have various roles and jobs throughout the year as we work towards achieving our goals and, hopefully, receiving our flag at the end of this academic year.

Wellbeing Week – June 2022:

In June 2022 we had a fantastic Wellbeing Week where the girls took part in Zumba, GAA, rugby etc. and we hope to have as an exciting and active week again this year. Have a look back through our Twitter page to see some photos of the activities that took place across the week. Here is one example:

Toy Show Treat Bags – November 2022:

As part of the application process, we are required to organise a fundraiser for Pieta House. In November 2022, we decided to put together Toy Show Treat bags. The bags cost €5 and were available to purchase through our Aladdin system. The fundraiser was a huge success and we raised over €1600 for Pieta! We were overwhelmed with the amazing support and enthusiasm – it far exceeded our expectations! A huge thank you to all involved in the process. It was great to get the Senior girls involved from 4th, 5th and 6th classes. They did a great job putting all the bags together, ensuring that every girl got her wonderful bag of treats in time for the Toy Show.

We look forward to working on achieving our goals across the year and will keep you updated on what’s to come!