Halloween fun in St. Kevins

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We all had lots of fun on the last day of the first term dressing up for Halloween. All classes attended a Halloween assembly. The annual homemade costume competition proved very successful, with the girls of St. Kevin’s once again blowing us away with their homemade, recycled creations! Have a look through some of the […]

Exploring the tiny world of microbes

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Recently, 6th class have been learning about the useful and harmful effects of micro-organisms and microbes in the environment. Made up of bacteria, fungi and viruses, these micro-organisms are found almost everywhere on earth.  Although extremely small, micro-organisms come in many different forms. To examine micro-organisms in more detail, the 6th class conducted a variety […]

Blue day for ‘Teenline’

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Blue day for ‘TeenLine’ On Friday 15th September, in anticipation of a successful result for the Dubs in the All Ireland final, the students of St. Kevin’s G.N.S. wore blue for the day. Those who chose to participate in the non-uniform day were asked to donate at least €1 towards the organisation called ’TeenLine’ The […]

Soccer Blitz

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4th, 5th and 6th took part in a soccer blitz. They trained very hard for months in preparation for the matches. The 6th class got to the finals but sadly lost. Well done to all the girls who took part in the soccer blitz. By Laura, Sixth Class