School News

Maths at Home Week

Next week our school will be hosting a fun ‘Maths at Home’ week to continue to promote positive attitudes towards Maths and Maths-related areas in the school. ‘Maths at Home’ week also aims to show how Maths is integrated into our daily lives at home, and reinforce practical problem-solving skills in fun and interactive ways. Activities will be hands on and/or ones that can be easily read from a phone or tablet and implemented with household items, so there will be no need to invest in any special materials. As an added bonus, there will be NO written Maths work set for any class during the week!

Here is a breakdown of what the week entails:

  • Maths Trails for home (Completed over the week)
    • This will be instead of written maths work will set in classes
    • These may have been already distributed with school books
  • Daily problem-solving questions
    • Set on Aladdin Connect daily.
    • There are two different games/tasks for the children to choose from each day. One activity is plenty.
  • St. Kevin’s Bake Off
    • Students will be encouraged to pick a simple recipe (see Recipes document attached) or a recipe of their own choice.
    • Focus will be on the fun process of baking and not the presentation of the finished piece, reinforcing that maths is not supposed to be about the finished product, but the process itself.
    • The initiative is not a competition, but please consider sending a photo of your daughter(s) baking. We’d love to see them baking in action!
    • The Bake Off task is set for Wednesday but it can be be completed any day of the week as well.

We’ll post daily samples of the girls completing some of these games and tasks at home on the school Twitter @stkevinsgns and the school website . Please send on any photos of your daughter(s) taking part if possible.