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Learning Support Guidance for Pupils 4th-6th

Enjoy reading a story each day. Remember to use the four comprehension strategies: predicting, clarifying, questioning and summarising. You can use any story(Read at Home) or select from a read aloud or a chapter book on Retelling using the questions- Who was the most important person and what was the most important thing they did. You can do a story map also to outline main events. Using Look, say, cover, write and check begin on your class spelling list and take 3 spellings per night from Monday to Thursday. If you are using a different spelling book use that spelling book and word list. Don’t forget to pretest yourself and post test.

Tables: Check the tables you are unsure of in addition and multiplication. Learn the one you are having difficulty with and test yourself by writing it out.

Look at one of the sites in this

for interesting resources in every subject.

This link is excellent for wonderful reading material-try it out!

Happy reading and learning.

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