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eTwinning in Third Class

Third Class have been participating in an eTwinning project over the last few months. eTwinning is an online community for schools in Europe and offers a platform for children and schools across many European countries to communicate, collaborate, develop projects, share and, in short, feel and be part of an exciting learning community in Europe.

Third Class’ project involves sending handmade Christmas cards to other classes of a similar age group in 10 different European countries, learning about how children in other countries celebrate Christmas and sharing how Christmas is celebrated in Ireland. Third class will in return, receive 10 Christmas cards from other classes in Poland, Spain, France, Italy, Ukraine, Serbia, Romania, Denmark, Greece and Latvia. They will also participating in quizzes and games with the other classes through the eTwinning online platform in December. This is Third Class’ first eTwinning project and they are looking forward to participating in another project in the new year. It has been a worthwhile and rewarding educational experience so far.