School News

School re-opening safety notice – Tuesday 6th March

St. Kevin’s G.N.S. will reopen to pupils on Tuesday 6th March. As the staff have done their inservice today, we will not close on March 20th as previously planned.
Many thanks to the staff and friends who dug out some paths today.
There is still a lot of snow around the school, so we are asking everyone to take care and stick to the pathways that are cleared.
We are discouraging everyone from coming down the steps from the Church and Dunnes and are hoping to have that gate closed.
It will not be possible to drive into the school grounds and staff have been informed of this.
While we will have supervision around the yards, we are asking that no pupil comes to school any earlier than 8.50. The ‘Late Book’ will not need to be signed for 6th March.
The Service of Light will go ahead as planned in the church at 7.30 on the evening of the 6th.
The show, ‘Joseph’, while being behind schedule, will go ahead on the original dates. ‘12th-15th March.
Many thanks for your continued support,
Miriam Dignam (Principal)